Dynamo tutorials - Episode 11 - Delete all unused filters

Welcome back to our on going Dynamo tutorial series.

In today's episode we will be following up from our 10th tutorial "Delete all unused view templates" by deleting all unused filters.

This script is a very simple and basic script that goes through the problems of having an excessive amount of filters and how to remove them from your model by the click of a button.

We touch on the negative impact filters can have on your project and how we can significantly reduce your projects file size through this script flow.

I would also like to thank Paul Wintour from Parametric Moneky for originally creating this workflow back in 2016.

Please find the original tutorial below.


Please find the link for the script below and feel free to reach out to us via the comments below or our Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn page.


My current dynamo build used for this script.

Dynamo : 1.3.3