Dynamo tutorials - Episode 3 - Deleting CAD's

Welcome back to our on going Dynamo tutorial series. In this episode we are going over how to filter and find import CAD's and linked CAD's.

We will also be going over what the difference between the two are and how dangerous it could be for the Revit model using import CAD's over linked CAD's Although this script may seem simple and out of the box it will definitely save you hours worth of manual searching and filtering your views within your Revit project.

We will be expanding on this script later on in the series where we will get our script to a point where we can push out excel reports that will allow us to review our Revit model as well as the users and to be able to bring it for a review.

Please find the link for the script below and feel free to reach out to us via the comments below or our Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn page.


My current dynamo build and packages used for this script.

Dynamo : 1.3.3

Bimorph Nodes : 2.2.90