Dynamo tutorials - Episode 6 - Legend and Schedule Placer

Welcome back to our on going Dynamo tutorial series.

In this episode we look at consistent placement of schedules and legends. on our sheets.

A common issue in the AEC industry is consistent documentation.

This script will show you how to save over 4 to 8 hours of tedious work depending on the size of your project and the variety of deliverable sheets going out to clients.

We touch on how to create a sheet schedule and how to filter it out for your required schedules/legends and then how to run the script itself to ensure consistent accuracy.

The script may seem simple but it is a very powerful tool that can save your office thousands of dollars per year.

Please find the link for the script below and feel free to reach out to us via the comments below or our Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn page.


My current dynamo build used for this script.

Dynamo : 1.3.3

bimorphNodes : 2.2.90