Dynamo tutorials - Episode 7 - Delete all unused elevation markers

Welcome back to our on going Dynamo tutorial series.

In this episode we look at isolating unused elevation markers and removing them from the project itself.

A common issue within the AEC industry is clear and accurate documentation.

The problem with Revit and elevation markers is that once you delete an elevation from your project browser itself the host marker will still remain in the project and will still appear on your views/sheets unless you have either A created a filter or B manually gone through and deleted the marker itself.

We touch on some basic Python scripting in this video as well explaining how we can filter out elevation markers that are not used through a line of code instead of a filter by bool mask scriptflow.

Please find the link for the script below and feel free to reach out to us via the comments below or our Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn page.


My current dynamo build used for this script.

Dynamo : 1.3.3

Clockwork for Dynamo 1.x : 1.32.0