Dynamo tutorials - Episode 8 - Filter In Place Families

Welcome back to our on going Dynamo tutorial series.

In this episode we go over how to filter out all of your model in-place families within your Revit project itself and then isolating them within a 3D view which will allow for a QA family tidy up.

Unfortunately Revit doesn't have a built in function which will select all of the model in-place families. There are apps on the Autodesk app store which you can buy but nothing will ever beat $free.99

On average this script saves roughly 4 hours a week of filtering through families that have been created by architects that don't know any better.

It will also allow you to bench mark your modelling team and see what needs to be done to make them more efficient/practical modelers where they start to think about the model life cycle instead of what is due today.

Please find the link for the script below and feel free to reach out to us via the comments below or our Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn page.